Corporate Art Programs Forty percent of all U.S. corporations have commissioned art work. Art has come into the mainstream- in offices and public spaces, in television advertising and feature films, and as curriculum in grade schools. Blockbuster museum exhibitions have become community affairs. 20% of all US Companies have collections engaged in exhibition programs. That number will double as those companies become interested in exploiting the outreach possibilities through home office and travelling exhibitions. The increasing presence of art in public places has had its impact on corporate executives, and the growth of art work commissioned by companies is one of the most exciting changes taking place in the art consulting field. In part this growth has resulted from the percent-for-art program mandated by cities and counties. Art is now not only seen everywhere, but also all sorts of firms are commissioning it, and the range of media considered suitable has opened up. It can be a huge outdoor sculpture, a suite of lithographs for a small hotel, or a tapestry in a reception area. Benefits of a Corporate Art Program 1. We provide a complete professional sevice, including selection of the art, framing installation, documentation, and public relations. 2. The client buys the freedom from having to be bothered with all the details of an art program; he is getting the benefit of a trained eye in both selecting the highest quality art and installing it in a way that enhances the overall image of his office. 3. The trend in companies that already own large collections is to emphasize interpretive programs and employee education. 4. The collection will be created as a conversational focus for visiting political figures and as a backdrop for tours and receptions. A press release on the collection will be sent out to the local and national media. 5. The core collection will also be available for events and receptions as a way of indirectly promoting the image of the firm. 6. The art will reflect the qualities of integrity and sophistication in order to distinguish your company from the competition. The high level of art will contribute to the firm's overall prestigious image. 7. The art will be framed in the highest quality materials to complement the other decor elements being used. The overall effect of the art and framing will be to create an environment of good taste and stability, the antithesis of the makeshift pushpin poster decor of so many other firms. 8. All employees on staff at the time of installation will be given a chance to be involved in selecting the work of art for their stations or offices. 9. We will work in concert with your Public Affairs department to develop a series of strategies, including VIP events, news releases, feature articles, and television coverage of the project when warranted. 10. Develop a publicity package on the collection and an art program statement for the lobby information table. HOME ARTISTS COMMISSIONS EVENTS SERVICES CONTACT ABOUT US Tory's International Corporate Headquarters In Toronto which recently commissioned work by Graham Gillmore Graham Gillmore as the centerpiece to your corporate art program Wellington Fine Art Consultants KPMB Architects Torys LLP Offices in Toronto, Ontario Graham Gillmore's work has sold at auction at Sothebys and Phillips Video Tour At Graham Gillmore Studio Images & Bio Percent for Art Graham Gillmore Studio Winlaw, British Columbia Client of Wellington Fine Art (Paulson & Co a NYC based hedge fund) The nature of my project has never been about boiling anything down, but rather exposing the complexities of human experience; particularly one's self as subject and the world as object. The 'self' and the 'other' play a pivotal role as subject matter within my manipulations with language - locating, defining and ultimately obscuring any kind of singular 'meaning' behind or beneath the surfaces of the world. These games (self imploding sentences, misreadings , backfirings revisions, second thoughts etc.) offer access to the hope for authentic - if flawed - communication while confronting the indeterminacy of language, both literary and abstract. I use these self-conscious devices for a 'defamiliarizing' effect. Text allows the work to maintain a narrative thread while maintaining an allegiance to non-figurative imagery. I play the role of scavenger when it comes to the texts I use. I think of these selected fragments as a kind of linguistic 'road kill' - skeletons on which to hang the material of the painting. I am engaged with texts that evoke a certain prickliness or an emotional angle that is slightly askew, with an emphasis on themes rooted in an emotional or psychological realm rather than the intellect. Sensation overides thought, just as fantasy takes the place of history.